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Citizen Cyder The fruits of summer blended with the harvest of autumn

Blueberries and apples, unified together in a dance of fermentation; the fruits of summer blended with the harvest of autumn. The light, sweet, delicate flavors and aromas of the apples mix with the strong, earthy, dry flavor of the Duke blueberries. This boldly purple mix is fermented through the winter and is aged just long enough for the two fruits to create a delicate balance. The result is a beautiful blush cider which is unique among its peers!

Alcohol content 6.75%

The Duke of Ciders

There is no doubt the taste of Duke blueberry cider is unique. But wonderful unique. It is able to capture the attention of the most discerning palate and surprise and delight. Duke cider always figures highly in any tasting, and is the kind of drink that will stand out from the crowd. Why not get some in for your next bbq, game or dinner party. Give guests, friends and family a unique new experience.